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    Semi-Custom Packaging™ Graphics Tool Kit

    This resource guide is designed to help customers and graphic artists through our requirements for art submissions during packaging projects. In it, you’ll find key info regarding dimensions, quality, and other document requirements that help us deliver the best looking packaging we can.

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    Style Guide to Digital Print Corrugated Boxes

    Our premium customizable boxes ensure you'll captivate your audience and leaving a lasting impression. From fast and flexible printing options to eco-friendly materials, our custom bulk digital print boxes are designed to elevate your customers’ interactions with your brand, and make their unboxing experience that much more special. With a seamless ordering process and efficient production, Morgan Chaney makes it effortless to enhance your brand's visibility.

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    0914 - J&R Everyday Gift Wrap 2023

    Jillson & Roberts provides our clients with premium sustainable tissue paper, gift wrap, and more. Whether you’re looking for simple white or kraft tissue paper with a logo, colored or patterned tissue, or custom patterned gift wrap, we work with J&R to provide our clients with upscale options for a wide variety of retail and food-service uses.

  • Packaging exists in large part to tell a story about what’s inside - which means it’s critical to get it right. Since 1955, Morgan Chaney has been helping our clients implement well-planned custom printed packaging programs that project brand ethos and help showcase products in a beautiful and sustainable way.

    Let's work together to build your brand, expand your audience, and protect your products.